Ardee N2/N52 Bypass 2019-2020

The 'Western' bypass of Ardee has been in the pipeline for a long time and despite securing funding in 2018 to proceed, it was decided to review the plans in 2019 that had been made almost 20 years beforehand.


A set of plans were drawn up and received planning permission in 2005 and the land was acquired.

The scheme lay dormant until 2018 when funding was secured to start the work. Fencing and clearing preliminary work commenced during 2019.

The planned layout caused a lot of local unrest as it would have cut off access to the town from 2 arterial routes that have seen a significant increase in daily traffic from the levels that were envisaged when the plans were drawn up. It would also affect emergency services access to the area, as well as the likes of deliveries and taxis from the town.

In September 2019 TII decided that the plans should be reviewed to take into account modern traffic volumes. This will push the project back between 12 to 18 months.

I decided to photograph the route that the bypass will take and over the past 12 months I've visited different locations and places of interest.

I started at the location where the roundabout will be built on the N2, its located about 500 metres up the road from the existing Carrick Road roundabout

N2 Roundabout

Next up was the location where the bypass will intersect with the Mullenstown road

Mullenstown Road Junction

The next junction along the route is where the route will cross the Coole road

Coole Road Junction

After a few hundred metres across the bog we arrive at the point where the bypass will cross the Silverhill road

Silverhill Junction

The longest section of the route will pass through the fields in Bohernamoe alongside the existing N52


The next landmark along the route will be the bridge over the River Garra

Bridge 1 - River Garra

As we approach the end of the bypass the next landmark will be the bridge over the River Dee

Bridge 2 - River Dee

The conclusion of the route will be where it merges with the N52 at Mandistown


All the images can be viewed in a single gallery here although they will be a little out of sequence

Image Gallery

Drone Details

I had a few enquiries about the gear that I used for these shots.

They were captured with a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom.

I shoot all my images in RAW format and use the Super Resolution feature of the Mavic 2 Zoom to create a 3 x 3 image panorama with the images captured at the 48mm ( it has a 24-48mm lens) focal length. The drone stitches the images together and outputs a jpeg but I don't use it. I take the 9 RAW images it captured and stitch them in Lightroom and then produce final images from there.

The drone was supplied by Hive Drone Store in Newry

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